Product Specification

  • peaker Type: Subwoofer
  • Brand name: : Skar Audio
  • Model Name:: ZVX-8 D4
  • Motor Weight: 156 oz
  • requency Response:: 40-500 Hz


  • Compact design
  • Big handling power
  • Ultra-responsive motor design
  • High RMS power rating


  • RMS could have been higher
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Key Features of Skar ZVX 8in Subwoofer

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The Skar audio ZVX 8 in subwoofer offers a wide frequency response, which makes it one of the best for producing some really low bass. It is ideal for both front or rear speaker installations.

It offers reduced distortion and exceptionally high power handling. The overall performance is excellent, with the enclosure design being quite compact, while also being relatively heavy duty.

It manages to deliver some very deep bass without any major sacrifices in other aspects of performance.

Let’s look into some of the most important features of this model.


You can drive Skar Audio ZVX series subwoofers to a maximum of 600 watts RMS and 1200 watts peak input power without any impedance issues in your vehicle whatsoever.


The flared enclosure ensures an airtight seal when mounted into place, which will prevent your amplifier from overheating or underperforming at all times.

It also has slots on the top panel of the speaker box along with four venting holes underneath it to make sure heat gets dissipated quickly so there are no performance drops even after hours of usage.

Cross Over:

The high-quality stereo crossover ensures that you get excellent sound quality with no low-frequency distortion.

It also automatically adjusts your subwoofer levels to the right level, so there are no additional volume controls required for this part of the installation either.

This is a very user-friendly product overall and one which will deliver great results every time it’s used too.

Quick Shopping Tips for Skar ZVX 8 Inch Subwoofer

There are some important factors to consider when it comes o buying the best Skar ZVX 8in subwoofer:

Ease of Installation:

The Skar audio zvx 8-in sub is designed to be easy to install. It does not come with complicated threaded bolts or screws, which means that it is easier to assemble on its own. The R-rated speaker bracket also ensures that the subwoofer stays in place without any movement.

The installation manual has detailed and clear diagrams that illustrate how to set up the speaker.

The ease of installation for this type of speaker is based on how much time and effort is required to install it into your car or house. The Skar zvx 8 inch car audio subwoofer comes fully assembled, with no need for additional assembly. The only thing you have to do is place it in the right location.

It needs to be placed inside a small box or cavity, using either screws or glue. It should be securely held in place with additional materials so that it doesn’t get damaged by vibrations or other movements.

Once installed properly, this subwoofer produces great sound, whether you’re using it for the home theater system or for a high-powered car sound system.


The wattage of a speaker is an important factor in determining its power and volume. The higher the wattage, the louder the speaker will play.

A 100-watt speaker can produce sound levels that are 10 times as loud as a 10-watt speaker.

The difference between a 50 and 100 watt speaker is not subtle; it would be like playing your music at either full blast or barely audible volume settings.

At higher volumes, you’ll need to turn up your amplifier’s gain to get more output from your speakers without distortion.

But if you crank up your amp too high, it may clip or distort resulting in less than desirable audio quality. A good rule of thumb is to set the gain so that the amplifier is just below clipping.

There are many factors that will influence loudness such as car audio system efficiency, speaker power handling, and design.

Some speakers with lower wattage may actually be louder than those with higher wattages if they have greater sensitivity or can handle more power.

Materials of Enclosure:

The enclosure’s material is another important factor to consider when buying Skar audio zvx 8 inch subwoofer.

The back and sides of the enclosure should be made out of a strong and durable material that allows for good sound quality and performance.

The front grill of the enclosure should also be made from a durable material such as metal so there is no danger of it getting ripped apart by the speaker’s magnet.

However, the main aim is always to have an enclosure that has a strong sound quality so it doesn’t matter too much.

But, getting more expensive materials will not only improve the sound of your zvx subwoofer but also help keep it in tip-top shape for longer.

Skar audio zvx 8 d4 sub is a powerful inbuilt speaker with a huge magnet which requires an enclosure made from strong and durable material, plus enclosure specifications and stitched high roll foam spl subwoofer.

The side covers of the Skar zvx 8-in subwoofer should be made out of metal.

It is preferable to have a front grill with maximum protection, covering most of the speaker.

Compact Spl Subwoofer:

This Skar Audio ZVX series subwoofer is a compact 8-inch subwoofer. The dual 2 Ohm voice coil configuration makes it easy to run in parallel or series configurations. It has better enclosure specifications, stitched high roll foam, and a voice coil configuration plus premium materials. With the reliability expected, this model withstand brutal everyday and brutal everyday use. Its right enclosure and sealed volume (ported volume) and for performing efficiently, perfect combination with max power, dual 4 ohm is necessary, making it an ideal choice.

Competition-Grade Pressed Paper Cone

The competition-grade paper cone produces an impressive amount of bass for such a small woofer.

It is also vented to allow for more air movement and less compression at high volumes, which leads to better sound quality.

This competition-grade subwoofer offers the best performance and reliability.

Impressive Triple Stacked Magnet

This Skar Audio ZVX 8 series subwoofer has an impressive triple stacked magnet structure that provides a very strong magnetic field.

This magnet structure is responsible for the excellent bass response that this subwoofer provides you with. And therefore, produces a top-quality base.


The Skar audio zvx 8 inch subwoofer has a peak RMS power of 200 watts and a nominal RMS power of 100 watts.

The speaker is very lightweight, weighing only 9 pounds. The frequency range on the speaker is from 50 Hz to 200 Hz. The size of the box that houses the speaker is 7 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches.

The Skar zvx 8 inch subwoofer is an inexpensive speaker that has two speakers. This model offers great value for the money.

For the price, this subwoofer sounds very good. It provides a great deal of bass for its small size.

The speaker is packed inside a plastic box which helps to keep the weight down. The speakers are 8 inches with rare earth magnets.

High-Quality Sound:

The Skar SUB 8-inch woofer is one of the newest models to come out of the company.

This is an 8-inch, down-firing speaker that provides a great sound. It has a polyconic structure, making it work even better when pushed harder. This is due to its heavy cone that will not allow it to vibrate or move easily.

This makes it a perfect competition-grade subwoofer if you want to add some extra sound and power to your ride. The speaker is designed with a special suspension system that will allow the speakers to be handled easier than ever before.

This means you can take them where ever you want to, whether it’s from one vehicle to another or from inside your home. With its design (high roll foam) and its high RMS power rating, it is easy to install and remove from the vehicle as well.

Final Thoughts:

The Skar ZVX subwoofer is a great addition to any system. It’s highly efficient and can handle some very high power, so it will work well with most higher-powered amplifiers.

The overall performance of the Skar ZVX is excellent, making this one of the Best options available for anyone looking for an outstanding quality product at a reasonable price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skar subwoofers any good?

Yes, the Skar subwoofers are producing high-quality products, one of the bests you can find.
Skar systems were designed with performance and durability in mind.
These qualities make them perfect for professional installation where reliability is paramount–creating an unmatched reputation within the industry, complete with endorsements from other top installers.

Which Skar sub is best?

One of the best Skar subs is Skar zvx 8in. This model subwoofer perfectly complements any speaker. The high power handling capability of this subwoofer makes it well-suited to the demands of bridging low frequencies for driving music, films, and games.
The Skar zvx 8 inch subwoofer is an impressive 600 watt unit with a large aluminum cone giving extended bass response and maximizing efficiency.

Is sundown or Skar better?

Skar subwoofers are better than the Sundown ones. Because Skar models are far cheaper than the Sundown subs while performing and providing the same quality of experience.

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