Product Specification

  • Brand name: QSC brand
  • Model Name: K12.2
  • Waterproof: false
  • Subwoofer Diameter: 12 Inches
  • Mounting Type: Floor Standing


  • Multi-function digital display
  • Reliable and versatile
  • Titanium diaphragm compression driver
  • Great frequency response
  • Excellent build quality
  • Wood enclosure
  • High performance


  • A bit expensive
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Key Features Of QSC K12.2 12" Powered Speakers:

Let’s go through some of the most important features of this model so that it becomes clear to you how much this speaker is going to help you through your music experience.


The QSC K12.2 is a subwoofer speaker that features two 12-inch woofers and two 1-inch tweeters for high-frequency reproduction, with a crossover point of 2 kHz. It offers a great bass response and audio quality with flat eq setting.

Frequency Range:

This provides the best possible performance for both low bass frequencies at the bottom end of the spectrum as well as midrange sound up to 2 kHz which covers vocals, guitars, pianos, etc.


This model QSC K12.2 has a digital display and a sound quality with multi-function for control and selection that allows you to easily manage the loudspeaker functions.

The speaker also benefits from an infrared remote control system which allows you to adjust volume settings without having to physically touch it. The dimensions are 9 x 27 x 17 inches (WxLxH) and weighs 51 pounds so it’s not too heavy or difficult to move around if necessary. It has a power handling capacity of 1500 watts.

Quick shopping tips for QSC K12.2:

When it comes to buying a genuine which is expensive as well, there are some important points that you should consider before buying it so that you get the best out of your purchase.

Let’s look into the important factors that you should look for when buying this powerful and high-quality model.

Frequency Range:

The QSC K12.2 is a 12-inch subwoofer that has been designed with the help of world-renowned engineers and audiophiles to deliver high-quality sound reproduction at all frequencies from deep bass, to accurate highs. The QSC K12.2 can be used as either an active or passive system and operates in a frequency range of 35Hz – 250Hz meaning it will reproduce audio effortlessly across the spectrum without any distortion or loss of clarity.

RMS Power:

The QSC K12.0 has a maximum RMS power of 1000 watts and its peak power handling capacity is rated at 2500 watts meaning it can deliver an impressive amount of sound when needed without any loss in performance or damage to the system itself, keeping up with even the most demanding audio requirements such as those found in large-scale events (such as concerts).

Cooling System:

The advanced cooling system used by this subwoofer means that your music will be reproduced efficiently and effectively in whatever genre you choose to play through it.

If classical orchestral soundtracks are what you like then reproduce them all day long without having to worry about causing damage due to high volumes (or worrying about adjusting EQ settings).

Because irrespective of input source or volume level, this unit will reproduce every minute detail without loss of clarity or distortion, if heavy metal goes hand in hand with your listening tastes then this subwoofer can handle it no problem thanks to its superior power and sound reproduction capabilities.


Qsc k12.0 comes equipped with a number of high grade features including top-mounted recessed handles for easy transportation from one location to another as well as both balanced XLR inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs on the rear panel meaning you can connect any type of device that is compatible with these types of connections (including MP accounts).


The front-mounted controls allow level adjustments while saving space which is perfect for smaller venues where there may not be much available space for sound equipment while the front-facing outputs make it easy to create a custom audio set-up.


The QSC K12.2 is a 12-inch 2-way speaker system designed for use in smaller venues with limited power, such as houses of worship or small community halls that need to be able to handle both vocals and instruments. It has directivity-matched transition-powered speakers that come with a studio monitor, LCD screen, and gain controls plus mobile DJ setups for good sound and for your outdoor gig. No ear fatigue anymore, since this light-weight model has several speakers that you can use with your mobile DJ to make your friends extremely happy without paying any extra money for higher compression drivers.

Sound Quality:

Qsc k12.2 is one of the best speakers with excellent sound quality and at the same time, it is lightweight and has a small footprint.

The QSC K series speakers can be used as main or monitor systems, installed in permanent locations, flown for large events or rigged for touring applications. The QSC K Series loudspeakers are perfect for medium to large venues that demand high-quality sound but have limited floor space due to their low profile design.

The QSC K Series loudspeaker will provide years of worry-free operation without ever compromising on performance. They are designed to perform flawlessly night after night while delivering consistently clear dialogue, deep bass response, and wide dispersion patterns which make them the ideal choice for many different types of applications.


The speakers are rated at 500 watts continuous (1000 watts peak) and come with two built-in EQ controls, one for the high frequencies and one for the low frequencies. They also include handles on the top surface of each speaker so they can easily be carried around by hand or mounted on stands or brackets.

Final Thoughts

The QSC K12.0 is an impressive subwoofer unit that can reproduce accurate sounds across all frequencies from deep bass right through to the highs, regardless of what genre you are listening too or how loud you want things played.

If classical orchestral works are your thing then don’t worry about adjusting EQ levels because this system will handle any input source without dropping a beat and deliver clear crisp high quality sounds at every frequency ensuring each note is reproduced with clarity even when pushed to higher volumes (which makes them perfect for live performances).

What’s more, its advanced cooling system ensures your music won’t be distorted or damaged in any way when played at high volumes meaning your music will sound just as good (if not better) than the original recording.

In short, due to its smooth coverage, great quality, line sensitivity, clear sound, stage monitors, clean power, long-term reliability, and cross-over, it is the best investment among various models and other brands for musical instruments and other purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is QSC better than JBL?

As far as loudspeakers go, both brands are top-of-the-line for their respective genre. However, there are certain key differences that will affect the decision-making process. QSC is more budget-oriented with sound quality most similar to JBL’s First Edition speakers (SRX550/750).
On the other hand, JBL is more professional level but has an entry price point ($600 only one speaker) which puts it in competition with industry-heavy hitters like Bose and Klipsch (although some would argue they’re better than both of them). 

The decision ultimately comes down to what you’re looking for in advance cost vs complexity management; professionals typically choose JBL due to its intuitive software suite used with a pair of QSC speakers, but if you’re a DJ or hobbyist on a budget then the QSC K12.0 is your best friend with built-in Bluetooth support and woofer resonance control to make sure every note plays as clearly as possible at any volume without distortion.

What is the difference between QSC K12 and K12 2?

If plugged into the same outlet, the K12 2 is twice as loud as the K12. An additional benefit of this sound system is that you can toggle between an amplifier with twin speakers, or a single speaker with horn tweeter to optimize your space requirements. The K12 produces higher-pitched sounds whereas the K12 2 produces lower-pitched sounds.
A perfect example of when you might use these systems are for vocal music performances - where the performers are up close to each other and need everyone’s voice to be heard across long distances versus for performing woodwind pieces where everyone needs to hear every low pitched instrument in order not miss any subtleties in their playing. Obviously there are many factors that dictate how you will use either system but this gives you a good idea of the type of sound that each speaker is capable of producing.

Are QSC speakers good?

The short answer is yes. QSC shares the same philosophy as all of its competitors—to provide the best possible experience for your event. These subwoofers sound amazing with a good frequency response and directivity matched transition. In short, they are amazing speakers that even sound fantastic.
If you’re looking for an indoor speaker that offers total control, then the QSC K12 might be just what you need. What sets this speaker apart from competitors is that it doesn’t have a limited distance before you lose sound quality, so it provides reliable performance at any volume level. We also offer PowerPak™ technology so your speakers can survive multiple events without damaging their circuitry. When doubling up on speakers to save space, there’s no wiring required thanks to our Bluetooth compatibility and innovative porting system which routes sound around corners and over obstacles alike with ease.

How much does a QSC K12 2 weight?

It weighs just 17.7kg (39 lbs) which is lightweight compared to other speakers. It is one of the best speakers available right now in the market with durable speaker and great frequency range plus great sound quality for optimize performance.

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