Product Specification

  • Brand name:: Pioneer
  • Model:: Pioneer TS-G1620F
  • Size:: 6.5 inch
  • Design:: 3-way
  • Max. power:: 300watts
  • Impedance:: 4 ohm
  • Sensitivity: : 90dB


  • Multilayer Mica Matrix cone
  • withstand high input power
  • Heat dissipation
  • Pioneer head unit
  • Multi driver array
  • Soft dome tweeters
  • Great sound
  • Mid and high frequencies
  • Speaker adapter


  • Not the prettiest looking subwoofer
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Key Features of Pioneer Pioneer TS-G1620F Subwoofer

Following are the most important features of this subwoofer model:


Cut-out dimensions are measured from the back of the speaker to the outer edge of the mounting flange. The Pioneer TS-G1620F is a high-performance, 5 channel AV Receiver with power to spare. This unit has all the features you would expect in an expensive flagship model, but at a surprisingly affordable price.

It offers Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D surround sound decoding, which can be used on select Blu Ray discs or through streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.


The Pioneer TS-G1620F also features built-in Wi Fi for wireless music streaming via DLNA, Airplay, or Bluetooth.

It is equipped with a massive heat-sink to help dissipate the heat generated by its powerful amplifier section. This model also has dual subwoofer pre-outs for bi-amping your front speakers, which will result in an even more dynamic and accurate bass response from the extra woofers.


Crossover composition affects power handling capabilities as well as overall performance.

The most common types include metalized polyester foil or paper/acrylic - both conducting electricity equally at high frequencies but not so much at lower ones, ceramic – good for average use across all audible ranges, oil impregnated polymer – effective for handling low-frequency energy without distorting under higher levels of power input, air-core coil & iron core coil – typically used in mid-range crossovers where high wattage is required.


Pioneer has been manufacturing some of the best products in the speaker and home theater spaces for more than 60 years.

The pioneer ts-a1675r is one of their most recent speaker models. Pioneer has focused on incorporating many features into their new products to make them better than ever before.

Here are some of the factors to consider when buying Pioneer TS-G1620F subwoofer:

Dual Voice Coil:

The pioneer ts-a1675r is a 12” dual voice coil, 1800 watt class D amplifier that offers very high power and clarity

Driver Array:

Pioneer’s latest revolutionary driver array increases volume and accuracy and reduces distortion and cone vibrations.

Front Port Tube:

It also features a specially tuned front port tube with a flared end and great frequency response to minimize port noise and distortion.


The Pioneer TS-G1620F is a high-quality subwoofer that offers great performance plus high-frequency response double tap at an affordable price point.

MDF Cabinet Material:

It also has top-notch construction with durable MDF cabinet material, speaker wire connections, as well as industry-leading warranty coverage for your peace of mind.

Lightweight Elastic Polymer Woofer Cone:

A lightweight, elastic polymer with excellent sound characteristics and durability. This material reduces distortion and ensures more consistent low-to-midrange performance at high volumes.

Excellent Power Handling:

The Pioneer TS-G1620F has a 12” dual voice coil, 1800 watt class D amplifier that offers very high power and clarity. It also features an industry leading warranty coverage for your peace of mind.

Great Bass Response:

It provides great performance at an affordable price point with top notch construction and durability along with its lightweight elastic polymer woofer cone which reduces distortion and ensures more consistent low-to-midrange performance at higher volumes.

And it is one the best pioneer subwoofers in this category available today because it offers excellent sound characteristics, efficiency without compromising on quality or reliability. The Pioneer TS-G1620F is rated at 1200 watts RMS (continuous) x 500 watts peak power.

Final Thoughts

The Pioneer TS-G1620F has one of the best car speakers reviews around due to its high-quality materials that ensure it will last long while providing powerful bass in your vehicle.

This model comes with a lightweight elastic polymer cone which makes every note you listen to come through clear without distorting or losing clarity even when playing loudly. The rubber surround won’t dry out over time like other models on the market do - ensuring it keeps performing well for years to come!

With the Pioneer TS-G1620F you’ll feel like you are in your own home theater, so now is the time to upgrade!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pioneer's subwoofers any good?

Yes, they’re excellent. In fact, if you’re looking for a new set of speakers with the best range and performance, Pioneer makes excellent choices.

The audio engineering team at Pioneer is committed to advancing sound reproduction engineers' abilities in creating a broad musical spectrum from multiple sources.

What is the best Pioneer subwoofer for its price?

The best Pioneer subwoofer for its price is the Pioneer ts a1675r subwoofer. It offers you amazing sound and durable construction that will last throughout your lifetime, as well as including a warranty to ensure the highest quality available. Now is your chance to make your home theater or car audio system complete with one of the most revolutionary loudspeakers on the market today!

This pioneer ts a1675r subwoofer comes with everything you need from high-quality amplification features to flexible hookup options. With this single speaker, you can create an instant party anywhere, or power a whole room for years of quality entertainment time with unparalleled durability and performance. When it’s time for speakers that perform better than any ordinary ones, pioneer ts a1675r subwoofer is the speaker you need to get the party started.

Is Pioneer TS-G1620F worth the investment?

Pioneer TS-G1620F is worth the investment. There are a few features that make this amplifier not only one of Pioneer’s most powerful car amplifiers but also one of their best-sounding ones. The amps come in black and either blue or silver to match any vehicle exterior and interior style, and with high sound pressure ratings (SPL) they can be effective in large vehicles with high ceilings.

Why Pioneer TS-G1620F subwoofer?

Pioneer TS-G1620F is one of the top-rated subwoofers because it will play music loudly while maintaining excellent audio quality without distortion. It has an RMS power rating of 1000 watts per pair at 4 ohms or 1200 watts per pair at 2 ohms, so it will deliver plenty of power in most vehicles.

When it comes toPioneer TS-G1620F reviews, this model has one of the best in terms of sound quality and price point which makes it perfect for any car audio system.

Furthermore, it offers good sound thanks to its great speakers, mounting depth, stock system, soft dome tweeter, other speakers, speaker size, great clarity, smooth response, and car stereo at a very great price.

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