Product Specification

  • Speaker Type: sub
  • Brand name: JLAUDIO
  • Speaker Maximum Output Power: 2000 Watts
  • Package Dimensions: 18.6 x 18.3 x 17.9 in
  • Item model number: 13W7
  • Item Weight: 56.8 pounds


  • Great sound
  • Free air resonance
  • More power and more output
  • Mounting hole diameter
  • Good quality sound
  • Pole vent
  • DC resistance
  • Higher mounting depth


  • A bit bulky
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Key Features Of JL AudioW7 Subwoofer:

Let’s go through the important features of this model

Frequency response:

This sub has a low-frequency response down to 31 Hz. The 13W7 is capable of handling 600 watts RMS and 1,200 watts peak power. This model uses high excursion to push air and produce sound waves for increased volume and lower distortion.


JL audioW series speakers are designed with advanced technologies that reduce distortion. This means you’ll get more sound without sacrificing the clarity or quality of the music.


This Jl audiow series speaker has been engineered with JL AUDIO’s patented cooling system to make sure it delivers years of unparalleled performance even in extreme conditions like high volume levels, etc.

This model provides crystal clear sound quality and dynamic bass response thanks to its revolutionary self-cooling voice coil technology - no matter how loud you play your music or movies.

The JL Audio 13W7 Sub Offers:

A low-frequency response down to 31 Hz; -Power handling capability up to 600 watts RMS (700 watts peak);

An 8-inch voice coil with a 50-ounce magnet structure;

A JL Audio exclusive patented, concave cone design that provides an increase in radiating area for more bass response.

With A 13W7 Sub You Can:

Play your music as loud and low as possible without any distortion or loss of clarity with its high-performance suspension system.

Rattle your car’s trunk or make the people in it wonder what is going on with the Jl audio 13W07 that has an unparalleled amount of sound for its small size.

Quick Shopping Tips For JL Audio W7 Subwoofer:

The JL 13W7 is one of the most popular models in Jl’s line of subwoofers and is, therefore, the best subwoofer and pro audio sub on the market with a clean and strong bass for hip hop and a great sounding experience.

The 13W7 features a powerful, long-throw woofer with an oversized motor structure to produce a deep response at high output levels.

It also includes a built-in amplifier that delivers 300 watts of RMS power to each driver so it can handle up to 600 watts peak power from your mono or stereo amplifier without distortion.

Factors To Consider:

Following are the factors that you must be aware of when buying a JL Audio 13W7 sub for yourself:


The 13W07 is a 12-inch sub and it may not fit in every car. So make sure your vehicle can accommodate such a size of speakers before buying them online or offline.


The JL W series subwoofers are a bit expensive, but they are worth it if you want to get the best sound quality without spending more money on another woofer for at least five years!

Patented Cooling System:

Patented Cooling System: This w series speakers use Jl’s patented cooling system. This means that these speakers will never disappoint you with their performance, even when playing loud music or movies.

Its patented cooling systems make sure these speakers perform well in extreme conditions like high volume levels etc.

Sound Quality:

This model provides crystal clear sound and dynamic and loud response thanks to its revolutionary self-cooling voice coil technology–no matter how loud you play your music or movies. It sounds phenomenal due to its conventional designs for every bass notes and bass tones at even low volumes


Jl audio w series speakers are designed with advanced technologies that reduce distortion.This means you’ll get more sound without sacrificing the clarity or quality of the music.

Final Thoughts:

After going through our review, it has been cleared to you that the Jl Audio 13W is worth the money and is an excellent speaker whether it’s used in a home theater, boat, car audio setup, or any other type of application!

It has been engineered with great attention to detail and will give you years of unparalleled performance wherever you decide to install them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JL Audio a Good Subwoofer?

Yes. It is a great company, and many audio enthusiasts have been very happy with the quality of its products.
JL Audio has been in business for over two decades. With years of engineering experience, they’ve developed a line of loudspeakers designed to perform at levels unmatched by other brands in its class.

How Many Watts Is A JL Audio W7?

The JL® W7® is a 250 watt (RMS) mono-block power amplifier. This JL audio product is designed to provide you with high power, low distortion, and industry-leading sound quality for use in the very best home theater experience that offers clean bass and hits harder than its counterparts, making it a great sub with extreme output ever heard and therefore, you will get what you pay for higher efficiency.
Hydraulic cooling, coupled with separate output devices per channel, gives the definitive listening thrill of high-powered piston-like precision reproduction. This innovative design very effectively eliminates peak clipping noise while ensuring performance, robustness, and reliability - attributes not found in most amplifiers at this price point or higher.

Are JL AudioRd AMPs Good?

Without a doubt, they are the best amps available. With the JL AudioRd series of amplifiers at your service, you’ll be listening to high-quality music with a medium or low power draw in a fraction of the time it would take with any other amplifier.
So if quick and efficient is what you’re after, then look no further than these fantastic creations from JL Audio!

What Is Better JL Audio Or Kicker?

Coming in at a lower cost and making less focused audio systems, the JL Audio brand is typically loved by car users, though it doesn’t have quite enough punch for music lovers. Kicker tends to be loved by younger people. The JL audio products are awesome subs with JL high output, crisp bass, articulate bass, and cone area. These SPL subs use the same amplifier as Rockford Fosgate models.

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