Product Specification

  • Speaker Type:: Subwoofer
  • Brand name: : Infinity
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:: 14.57 x 10.04 x 4.65 inches
  • Speaker Maximum Output Power:: 200 Watts
  • Speaker Size:: 10 Inches


  • Variable electronic crossover
  • Great sensitivity
  • Variable Bass EQ
  • Compact design
  • Awesome sound quality
  • Great value for money
  • Remote Bass Level control


  • Needs a bigger space for better performance
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Following are the most important features of this subwoofer which make it one of the best of its own kind in the market today.


The BassLink powered subwoofer features a 200-watt class D amplifier with variable electronic crossover (50Hz to 120Hz), sensitivity, and bass boost.


The crossover adjusts the frequency band sent to the subwoofer for smoother blending with your main speakers. It also lets you adjust the output of the subwoofer so it blends better with your system.


The sensitivity control compensates for different input levels from various sources and allows fine-tuning of the bass boost level. This is useful when one channel of a stereo source is louder than the other.

A high-quality direct connection to your car stereo that delivers full power and clear sound without any signal loss!

It also allows you to adjust the volume level of the subwoofer with ease, even when it’s mounted in a different location than your main speakers.

When looking to buy a basslink 10-inch subwoofer, there are a number of factors to consider.


It is important to consider the space in which the basslink 10-inch subwoofer will be placed; if this 10-inch subwoofer is too big, then it will not work well.

Frequency Range:

This subwoofer’s frequency range should also be considered, as this directly relates to its sound and performance. For instance, Basslink 10 inch subs with a range of frequencies from 20Hz up to 200Hz, or these 12 inches subs with a range of frequencies from 100Hz up to 20KHz will deliver superior performance and sound to basslink subs with lower ranges.

Sound Quality:

Secondly, when looking to buy an infinity subwoofer the consumer needs to consider what they want to use it for; if you are using it in a space that is small or outside, then one basslink woofers will be necessary.

However, if the sound and performance of your basslink system are more important than how big your enclosure can take, then additional infinix amps should be purchased.

For instance, having four infinity infinix 12-inch subwoofers enclosed in a large box would produce superior sound compared to only two Infinity BassLink 12 inch full-range speakers installed together with an amplifier kit.

Furthermore, purchasing an infinite amp installation kit will ensure that infinity subwoofers are installed correctly.


Finally, the cost of infinity basslink should be considered; infinity hivi subs can vary in price depending on where they are bought from and what quality you want to buy.

However, it is important for buyers not to focus solely on price as this can lead them down a path that leads only to disappointment with their infinity Infinix subwoofers.

For example, buying two infinity BassLink 10-inch Subs instead of one infinity infinix woofer will save money but result in less sound at low frequencies compared to getting four infinity hivi subwoofers for twice the price if space allows.

If affordability is an issue then Infinity Hivi Subs can be bought online and infinity infinix amps and infinity basslink kits are often discounted.

Bass Handling Power:

The infinity basslink 10-inch subwoofer is a special type of speaker that has the ability to handle power levels that are usually only seen in much larger speakers.

This makes it perfect for use as an amplifier, or to replace other large subwoofers so you can have the best sound possible without compromising on space.

It uses a very high grade of woofer with special technology designed to give you deep, powerful bass at any volume level.

Built-in Amp:

The infinity basslink 10-inch subwoofer also comes with its own built-in amp, which means no extra equipment is needed!

This is great because amplifiers are often difficult and expensive pieces of equipment that require their own installation and wiring.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to get the best possible sound in any space, this subwoofer can help you out.

Stock Sound System:

The basslink infinity is designed to provide deep, tight, and punchy lows that are perfect for any type of music.

The infinity bass link offers an accurate response with minimal distortion at high volumes.

BassLink infinity has a peak power handling of 2000 watts RMS (4000W peak) which provides crystal clear highs and thundering lows in your car or home theater without breaking the bank on installation costs.

Bass Output:

It is important when buying a sub because it’s the difference between good bass and really bad bass.

Bassoutput, or how much sound comes out of your car speakers, is measured in watts. This 10-inch subwoofer has 50 watts of power with a frequency response of 38 Hz-120 Hz to ensure that you get quality sound.

This subwoofer has 100 watts of power with a frequency response of 20 Hz-120 Hz for big sound.

Final Thoughts

This model is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to improve the sound quality of their car’s audio system.

It’s a wireless subwoofer that can be used with all types of receivers and amplifiers, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility problems or signal loss.

In short, our review proved this model as one of the best brands in terms of technology and innovative products!

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