Do you have a Samsung Subwoofer? If you have one, you need to pair it to your speaker system.

The subwoofer can improve the sound quality of your whole home speaker system. However, there is no pairing button, and if you want to use it, you have to do all the pairing by yourself.

The good news is that in this blog post, I will share some simple ways on how to pair a Samsung subwoofer to your home stereo.

By the end of this post, you will be able to enjoy better audio with your speaker system.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin the discussion.

What To Look For In A Samsung Subwoofer Before Buying?

There are many important details that we need to remember when purchasing a Samsung Subwoofer for your TV. So, here we are going to tell you what to do before buying this device.

Understand the Features that you Need:

Before you buy the product, make sure that you read the manual that comes with the product. The features are essential for your product. They will provide you with the knowledge and information that you need before purchasing it.

Do you need to know what the functions of this device is? Then, go through the instruction manual and understand the features that are available on the Samsung Subwoofer.

What to See if this Product is Suitable for your TV?

This device has many features that can be used with your Samsung TV. First, there is the sound system. It is a subwoofer that is capable of providing the best sound experience. You can hear the difference between all types of music when you use this subwoofer.

You can enjoy various types of movies because it has a good sound system. You can listen to music in different genres. You can also watch YouTube videos or other TV shows with different styles.

You will get high-quality images when you watch some TV programs with Samsung Subwoofers. It comes with three different drivers for different levels. The higher level can be achieved by using the center channel and the lowest one is the back right speaker.

Decide What you Want and Make a Final Decision:

You are now sure that you want to buy this device for your TV. So, now you have to decide what type of product you want to buy and which features are important. It is very much clear that this device has several features and functions. You can choose the one which you like. It is your decision.

Compare Prices before Buying:

If you are looking to buy a Samsung subwoofer then you should compare the prices between the different retailers. There will be many places where you can buy it. Make sure that you compare the price between the different places.

It will be more beneficial if you compare the prices from the different places and make a final decision based on it.

Step By Step Guide To Pair Samsung Subwoofer To Sound System:

The speakers of the sound system are connected in a straight line. When the subwoofer is plugged into the back of the sound system, the subwoofer is plugged in through the subwoofer input and the output is the speaker’s output. To help you connect the Samsung subwoofer to the sound system, here we have discussed a step-by-step guide. Let’s review these steps and enjoy high-quality sound.

STEP 1: Check if Subwoofer is Compatible

The first thing you need to do is to check if your subwoofer is compatible with your sound system. If you can’t find the information about it online or on the manual of the sound system, don’t worry. Just ask the person who gave you the subwoofer whether or not it is compatible with the sound system.

STEP 2: Plug Subwoofer and Sound System Together

After you confirm that your subwoofer is compatible with the sound system, you can plug the subwoofer and the sound system together. You may use an audio cable that is usually used for speakers or headphones.

STEP 3: Make sure the Headphones are Connected to Your Speaker

After plugging the subwoofer and the sound system together, make sure to connect the headphones to your speaker. Then, you can test the sound by turning the volume on your speakers up or down and then using your headphones.

How To Pair a Samsung Subwoofer With Your Samsung TV?

Follow the below-mentioned easy steps to pair a Samsung subwoofer with your Samsung TV. 

Step 1: Choose Your Port

Connect the HDMI cable from the Samsung TV to the Samsung subwoofer. The HDMI cable can go from the HDMI port on the Samsung TV to the HDMI port on the Samsung subwoofer.

You should hear the sound coming from the Samsung TV on your speakers. If you don’t hear anything, try adjusting the volume on the TV or your receiver. You can also try connecting the Samsung subwoofer directly to your TV instead of using a cable.

The next step is to connect the Samsung subwoofer’s power cord to the wall outlet. If the outlet does not have an extra power source, you may have to use the TV’s amp.

Step 2: Connect the Speakers

Now that you have connected both devices and powered them, it’s time to connect the speakers.

First, plug in the cables from the HDMI ports of your TV and Samsung subwoofer into your computer’s HDMI port. If you’re using a laptop, you’ll need to connect the HDMI cable from your TV to your laptop’s HDMI port as well.

Next, plug the speaker cables into the terminals of the speakers' connectors. The positive terminals will be marked with a red stripe, and the negative terminals will be marked with a black stripe.

Now that everything is connected, you can start playing some content on your Samsung TV.

The Bottom Line:

There are many ways to pair a Samsung subwoofer to your TV, but I think one of the best ways is by plugging them in with the RCA cables that come with your speaker.

Also, there are different methods to plug RCA cables, but I prefer just connecting the wires by hand with the help of some strong tape.

Further, you can follow the above-mentioned tips to avoid connection issues.

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