You are probably wondering why you need to connect your subwoofer with speaker wire. Well, if you want to get the most out of your sound system then it is important! 

For starters, connecting the subwoofer will improve how well it performs in relation to other speakers. OM will be heard through both sets of speakers.

Are You Interested In Easy Ways To Connect A Subwoofer With Speaker Wire?

Well then, this article is for you. We’ll show you how to do it step by step and explain the basics of wiring speakers together. Once we’re done, your system will be ready to rock!

Is Prior Knowledge About Wiring Necessary To Do This Job?

You might not know much about audio equipment or what all those wires are for. That’s OK–we won’t make assumptions about your knowledge level and will explain everything in plain English as we go along.

This guide is designed for people who don’t have any experience with home theater systems but still want to learn more about them and get the most out of their entertainment experience at home.

Let’s get started.

Benefits Of Connecting A Subwoofer With Speaker Wire:

Connecting the subwoofer will boost your sound system’s strength and performance. 

When it comes to how to connect a subwoofer with speaker wire - there are several options. 

However, you need to make sure that you choose the right one based on what kind of speakers you have at home/work! 

For example, if your speakers already have wires attached then you can use those, but if they don’t, then simply purchase some extra ones from any store nearby or online. 

You just need to find out how many feet come in each package so that both sets match up perfectly for optimal connection results without having too much excess leftover once everything is plugged into place!

Banana Plugs:

Alternatively, consider using banana plugs which are a great way to connect your subwoofer without speaker wire. 

This kind of option is also good for people who don’t want the hassle of figuring out how much extra wire they need or if you have speakers that can be mounted on walls! 

The best thing about banana plugs is it will only take mere minutes before everything is hooked up and ready to go which makes this process one of the easiest ways to get sound from both sets coming through loud and clear - with no excess noise, distortion, or unwanted sounds in between!

How To Connect A Subwoofer With Speaker Wire?

Connecting the speakers is as simple as connecting two ends of a cable to each other. 

In order for this connection to be successful, it requires that both cables have been stripped and given a small bit of insulation tape around the wires. 

It’s important not to use electrical tape because it can cause a short circuit which would make your sound distorted or even non-existent. 

The best way is to use electrical insulating tape, but if you don’t have any then regular masking or painter’s tape will work just fine! 

It’s also important that you connect both ends correctly - one end should be connected to the positive terminal on your speaker and one end should be connected to the negative. 

It’s important that you don’t mix up these connections or else it could result in a short circuit which would make your sound distorted and potentially damage some of your electronics! 

Identifying The Terminals: 

The first thing you’ll need to do is identify which speaker terminals are connected to your subwoofer. 

Usually, the connections are labelled “+” and “-”. If your connections are not labelled, then you can tell by looking at the type of wire that’s connected to each terminal. 

The positive connection will have a thicker black wire, while the negative connection will have a thinner red wire. 

Speaker Wire:

Next, use the speaker wire with the thicker black or positive side to connect between one of your speakers and your subwoofer. 

The thinner red or negative side should be connected to the other speaker. Make sure that you’re connecting wires on different ends of either side of your speakers. 

For example, if you’re connecting a subwoofer for left channel speakers, the positive wire from your left channel speakers should be connected to the subwoofer’s positive terminal. The negative wire from your right channel speaker should then go to another terminal on the back of your subwoofer.

As said it is very easy to attach two speakers with a cable - just use any speaker wire (we recommend 14 AWG) and strip back about half an inch of insulation from each side before twisting together for maximum conductivity. 

Then simply connect one end to the positive terminal on your speaker and the other ends to the negative.

Tips And Tricks:

The trick to connecting a subwoofer with speaker wire is getting the right types of connectors and making sure that you use enough cable. 

You will want to make sure that your speakers are placed correctly before attaching them together and running the wires through walls or ceilings (if they’re in different rooms) and turning up the volume! 

It’s important not to get confused between positive, negative, plus (+), minus (-), red, black, etc., especially when adding another set of speakers into an existing system. 

There could be times where you might need two sets of three-way switches if there aren’t separate “on” buttons for each set. 

This way every room can have their own independent sound level control without disturbing other family members.

Best of luck and enjoy your home theater system! 

Keep In Mind:

To get started connecting a subwoofer with speaker wire, you need to make sure that the connectors are compatible with each other depending on what types of speakers they are Speakon or banana plugs? 

The next step is getting the right amount of length for the cable itself so it can reach from one end to another without any problems. 

You don’t want too long where there’s excess slack in between, but not too short where it doesn’t fit properly into both speakers either. 

Final Thoughts:

Simply follow the above-listed tips and tricks to easily connect subs with speaker wire. 

Now, go ahead and try any one (or all!) of these options today so that your next movie night can be as impressive as possible from start to finish- especially when paired with friends/family members who also love watching movies too!

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