Product Specification

  • Brand Name:: DEVMO
  • Item Model Number: : Gemini II
  • MAX output power:: 1200 Watts
  • Input Voltage:: 14.4V
  • RMS power:: 100W
  • Frequency Response:: 10Hz-220Hz


  • Powerful amplifier
  • Unique design
  • Integrated spider venting
  • Ultra-thin thickness
  • Integrated power amp
  • Anodized aluminum cones
  • Mounting accessories
  • 12 months warranty


  • Not everyone will appreciate a powered subwoofer.
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Key Features of Devmo Gemini II Dual Subwoofer for Optimum Performance:

Let’s look at some of the most important features of this dual subwoofer model:


This car subwoofer has a maximum power of 1200 watts. It can be used in the back seat or the trunk.

You can enjoy the high-quality bass sound field, which is better than that of most home audio systems.


These products come with two built-in amplifier that support 600 watts each, with a total of 1200 watts maximum power.

The Devmo car subs can produce a clear and loud sound, which is as good as your home theater system or any other similar device.


The Devmo dual subs are 13 inches long, 11 inches wide and 15 inches high, and dual voice coil, so they can perfectly fit under the seat of your vehicle or in a trunk compartment.

The weight of each one is 23 pounds which makes it easy to install a sound system wherever you want without causing too much trouble.

Quick Shopping Tips for Dual 10 Inch Subwoofer:

There are some important things that you should consider when buying a new dual 10-inch subwoofer.

Peak Power Handling:

The peak power handling on 10 inch dual subs is usually between 600 and 1000 watts. This number gets determined by the kind of enclosure you have, the amplifier you run them with, your listening preferences, and how much bass you need.

For example, if you have a sealed enclosure designed for either 700 or 800 watts RMS, a 600 watt RMS amplifier, and your listening preferences are 50 to 75 dB during playback, you will achieve 1 dB of headroom at the frequency ranges where the subwoofer has its maximum output. In this case, it’s 28 Hz with a Q factor of 0.5 (with the volume knob turned all the way up).

It has better run power than bigger speakers and its size and right enclosure makes installation far easier in most vehicles than the large subs.

RMS Rating:

It is a measurement of power output over a given period of time. In the most common use, the term RMS refers to root mean square which is an AC power measurement in watts.

The RMS value of a system is obtained by squaring the voltage and dividing it by the impedance, like this: (V*V)/R. The dual 10 inch subwoofers have an RMS power of 300 watts and 600 watts at max capacity.

This means that they can handle a maximum power of 600 watts and a continuous power output of 300 watts.

Root-mean-square rating is one of the most important specs when it comes to car audio speakers. The RMS value provides you with an estimation of how much power the speaker will be able to handle, at what level it’s operating, and how long it will be able to last if you were to use it at its maximum Root Mean Square power all the time.

Frequency Response:

Dual 10-inch subwoofers typically have an average frequency response of around 30 Hz to 200 Hz and a maximum power input of 500 Watts.

They typically consist of two 10-inch subwoofers in one metal enclosure. This allows the cabinet to hit much harder than traditional 8 inch or single 12-inch subwoofer cabinets.

They are typically used in cars by bass heads who want maximum sound quality in an extremely compact area.

However, it can be put into smaller enclosures for houses or small venues. These types of enclosures typically have a bass reflex port in order to produce a tight and punchy low end.

Sensitivity Rating:

The sensitivity rating of dual 10 inch subwoofers is around 94dB, which is much higher than the sensitivity rating for a single 10 inch subwoofer.

The sensitivity for a single 10in subs is around 81dB. The reason that the dual 10 inch subwoofer has a higher sensitivity rating is that it can produce twice as much sound in comparison to a single 10 inch subwoofer.

This means that the 10-inch dual subwoofers will be able to reach its peak performance level at lower volumes, typically around 100 decibels, whereas for a single 10-in subwoofer, they will only be able to produce its peak performance level at around 110 decibels.

This is because a dual 10-inch subwoofer has two separate speakers which work together as one large speaker, whereas a single 10-inch sub only has one speaker working on its own.

Mounting Depth:

Dual 10 inch subwoofers need to be mounted at least 6 inches deep for optimal performance.

That may not seem like much of a problem until you realize that most cars have little clearance between the back seat and the trunk. The dual 10-in subs are far greater than the shallow mount subwoofer.

A shallow mount sub allows less heat dissipation than the dual 10-in subwoofers.

The only solution left then is to mount them on either side of your backseat, which can make things cramped if there are more than two people riding in your car frequently.

Sound Quality and Sound System:

Dual 10 inch subwoofers are a great choice for those looking to have excellent sound quality.

In fact, 10-in dual subs offer the best of both worlds as they offer decent bass and also good surround sound options.

These subwoofers produce low-frequency sounds that can be felt as well as heard, which are ideal for movies and music alike. This means that you will get the most out of your audio experience with these 10s!

Dual 10s can even help improve the quality of your home theater system by giving you more control over where high or low frequencies come from on-screen.

You’ll notice this difference when watching action scenes in particular because it’s not just about what you hear but also where you perceive the action to be taking place.

These subwoofers offer a great sound stage and will surely bring your audio experience to the next level.

Final Thoughts:

Devmo’s dual 10 inch subwoofers are the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a powerful and deep bass without taking up too much space and it’s a great value for The

Devmo Gemini II has an RMS rating of 300 watts, which is plenty enough power for most users. It also offers high sensitivity ratings at 94 dB – it can be used with less volume than single woofers, making conversations in your car or home theater easier to hear!

If you need more sound quality and great surround sound options, these subs will provide you with all that and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dual subwoofers any good?

YES! Dual subs are the ultimate audio system upgrade, doubling your sonic power and bass output. Did you know that as little as 4 inches of cabinet space can

What's the hardest hitting 10 inch subwoofer?

One of the hardest-hitting 10" subwoofers is the Shokker Sub and its legendary cranking power.
With a whopping 1200 watts and a frequency range of 19-120 Hz, it’s no wonder this speaker doesn’t really need an amp to crank out those deep bass sounds.

Are 2 10 inch subwoofers loud?

Yes, dual 10-inch subwoofers are loudspeakers that can deliver a tremendous amount of sound.
Dual 10-in subs provide increased depth and dynamic range to reproduce the lowest frequencies in your music with clarity and power.
10-inch dual subs help create an immersive listening experience with plenty of kick for bass, boasting twice the power as a pair of single 12" subs and tons more performance than any other woofer you can buy!

collapse wall-to-wall sound without breaking a sweat?

woofers. You’ll be glad you trusted the experts and took the plunge into this new wave of audio measurement.
These models are also highly budget-friendly as well.

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