Best Subwoofer For Music To Buy - Complete Guide

Finding the best subwoofer for music is a never-ending quest. Why? It’s because everyone has different needs and preferences. What might sound amazing to one person may not be so great for someone else.

That’s why we decided to review 10 of the top models in the market right now, so you can decide which is most suitable for your needs and budget! Hopefully, this will help you find just what you need without wasting time or money on something that doesn’t fit your requirements.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick SVS-SB 2000 Subwoofer-Best deep bass SVS-SB 2000 Subwoofer-Best deep bass

Integrated into any audio setup without a problem.

Unique design

High quality of sound output

Most Popular Yamaha 8-inch 100W Yamaha 8-inch 100W

High powered performance.

Stereo speakers and amplifiers.

Low distortion.

Budget Pick ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3030 ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3030

Advanced Bluetooth control

Auto EQ

Customer driver

Do You Want To Listen To Music The Way It Was Meant To Be Heard?

We all know that when we’re listening to music, there are certain parts of the song that really stand out. The bass is one of those things and if your speakers can’t give you a good experience in this area, then it doesn’t matter how great they are because you won’t get the full effect.

That is why investing in a good subwoofer designed for music listening can make such a huge difference. You will finally be able to hear every note with clarity and precision. It will feel like you have been transported into another world where everything sounds perfect!

You don’t need any special equipment or an expensive home theater system either - just plug our subwoofer into your existing stereo system or even directly into your computer/laptop via USB port! Allowing everyone who loves their tunes as much as you do enjoy them at their fullest potential!

With our top pick, you get all the features that make a great speaker plus some extra perks like wireless connectivity and voice control compatibility. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, then click on one of our ads today! It could change your life forever by giving you access to high-quality audio whenever and wherever you want it.

Best Subwoofer For Music To Buy - Complete Guide Summary

Image Model Price
SVS-SB 2000 Subwoofer-Best deep bass SVS-SB 2000 Subwoofer-Best deep bass See On Amazon
Yamaha 8-inch 100W Yamaha 8-inch 100W See On Amazon
ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3030 ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3030 See On Amazon
Sonos Sub Subwoofer Sonos Sub Subwoofer See On Amazon
Polk Audio PSW505 Polk Audio PSW505 See On Amazon
Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer See On Amazon
Monoprice 108248 Monoprice 108248 See On Amazon
Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra See On Amazon
B&W PV1D B&W PV1D See On Amazon
B&W ASW610 B&W ASW610 See On Amazon

Best Subwoofer For Music To Buy - Complete Guide At a Glance:

Best Subwoofer For Music To Buy - Complete Guide Reviews

SVS-SB 2000 Subwoofer-Best deep bass (Image credit: Amazon)

SVS-SB 2000 Subwoofer-Best deep bass


Color: Black Ash | Speaker Type: Subwoofer | Brand name: SVS | Model Name: SB-2000 | Waterproof: No | Item Dimension: 14.6-Inch H× 14.2-Inch W × 15.4-Inch D


Integrated into any audio setup without a problem.

Unique design

High quality of sound output

Peak power handling


Less versatile than its competitors.

SVS SB-2000 subwoofer is the perfect choice for music, movies, TV and everything you listen to. It combines power, quickness, intelligent processing and innovative driver design to deliver an unrivaled bass experience.

It is a good quality sub that takes advantage of SVS’s proprietary driver technology that allows the music signal to be directly routed into the heart of the subwoofer with no additional digital or analog processing.

This direct connection eliminates all of the distortion associated with digital clipping and analog limiting found in competing subs. With this unique design, SVS is able to provide high output and low-frequency extension previously unachievable in a compact ported enclosure.

The integrated RMC (Room Mode Correction) technology allows easy integration into any room set-up with simple controls to adjust bass response down to 16Hz (speaker impedance-16dB).

The intuitive LED display makes adjustments quickly and precisely. With an all-new driver design that delivers unmatched speed and control, this subwoofer gives you exceptional performance without sacrificing musicality or dynamics.

Final Words:

This is one of the best affordable subwoofers that will give you clear, rich sound no matter what type of movie or song you are listening to! This means you can have a powerful bass and sound system with no distortion so that you feel like you are actually part of the scene!

The SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer consists of a simple controls and an adaptable design to help it integrate into any audio setup without problems. The perfect choice for those who want some deep, low-frequency sound from their subwoofers at home.

Yamaha 8-inch 100W (Image credit: Amazon)

Yamaha 8-inch 100W


Speaker Type: Subwoofer | Brand name: Yamaha Audio | Model Name: NS-SW050BL | Waterproof: No | Subwoofer Diameter: 8 inches


High powered performance.

Stereo speakers and amplifiers.

Low distortion.

Twisted Flare Port

Amazing bass


It doesn’t come with Bluetooth or any wireless connectivity.

The Yamaha YST-SW012 8" 100W Subwoofer with Twisted Flare Port is a compact subwoofer incorporating advanced, high-performance bass technologies.

The resulting bass response is powerfully rich and impactful. Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II) with discrete amp circuitry provides smooth, accurate reproduction of deep notes at all volume levels.

The powerful 8" cone woofer features an edge wound voice coil for better linearity and improved dynamic response. A new Twisted Flare Port contributes to clear and tight bass. The long-stroke 100W amplifier is stable and dependable.

The YST II design ensures a solid connection between speaker and amp, minimizing impedance variations in the critical bass frequencies for increased sound clarity when driving low frequency sounds.

The strong rigid cabinet has excellent internal damping to suppress unwanted resonance so only rich pure bass will come from your speakers. The black vinyl wood grain finish adds an elegant touch of style to any environment while helping this woofer blend into its surroundings. The main difference between this and other subwoofers is the fact that it has a Twisted Flare Port.

Final Words:

The fact that there are no digital inputs and only one cord to connect might put off people who want more flexibility with their setup - but if you just need good quality low-frequency sound then this would be perfect!

ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3030 (Image credit: Amazon)

ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3030


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Speaker Type: Subwoofer | Brand name: ELAC | Model Name: SUB3030-BK | Color: Black


Advanced Bluetooth control

Auto EQ

Customer driver

BASH amplifier

Braced MDF Cabinet

Auto power on/off


It a bit larger than the other models.

The Elac Debut series SUB3030 is a powerful, high-performance subwoofer that delivers deep, accurate bass. The custom 12" long-throw driver features an anodized aluminum cone with butyl rubber surround for smooth response and superior linearity.

A 1000 watt amplifier delivers the power needed to accurately reproduce today’s demanding movie soundtracks and music. An advanced digital control system provides automated room EQ using your smartphone or tablet along with full manual controls.

The SUB3030 also includes Bluetooth technology so you can stream audio wirelessly from your phone, tablet or other compatible devices.

This model features a sturdy MDF cabinet with extensive bracing to minimize vibration and distortion while maintaining impressive imaging characteristics even at high volume levels. The stylish black finish seamlessly integrates into any room decor.

Final words:

The Elac Debut 2.0 SUB3030 is the perfect subwoofer for those who want to experience great sound at an affordable price. It incorporates our advanced digital Control system. Download the Elac subeq app for your smartphone and have complete control of multiple subwoofers at the same time. Auto EQ utilizing our new subeq app and your smartphone’s microphone, the subwoofer will optimize room EQ automatically, utilizing eight parametric curves.

Sonos Sub Subwoofer (Image credit: Amazon)

Sonos Sub Subwoofer


Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi | Speaker Type: Subwoofer | Brand name: Sonos | Model Name: Sonos Sub (Gen 3) | Special Feature: Designed to Eliminate; Slim Design; Trueplay Tuning Technology; Simple Setup


Sleek design

wireless connection

Realistic bass

simple setup process.

Resonant bass


A bit pricey.

Sonos Sub is the first wireless subwoofer from Sonos that delivers deep, powerful bass without distortion. It has a modern look and feel with clean lines and a matte finish. The system comes in black or white to match your existing Sonos speakers.

The Sub is designed to work with PLAY:1, PLAY:3, PLAY:5 or any combination of these speakers. You can even add two SUBs for an amazing home theater experience!

It’s easy to set up because you don’t need extra cables; just connect it to the power outlet and follow the steps in Sonos app. The cool thing about this is that you can control it from your smartphone or tablet with any Sonos speaker, no matter where they are in your home!

Final Words:

The best part of all though is that the system requires zero wires so you don’t have to worry about running long cables from your other Sonos speakers. The simple setup process is also a big plus if you’re not very tech-savvy because all you need to do is plug it in and follow the steps of the app!

Polk Audio PSW505 (Image credit: Amazon)

Polk Audio PSW505


Speaker Type: Subwoofer | Brand name: Polk Audio | Model Name: PSW505 | Waterproof: No


Integrated 550-watt subwoofer

Ipod/iPhone dock included

Wired remote with built-in amp controls (bass & treble)

Phase switch


A bit heavy and bulky.

Polk Audio PSW505 is a 5.1-channel home theater system with an integrated 550-watt powered subwoofer. The system has four satellite speakers and one center speaker, all of which are magnetically shielded to prevent interference with other electronic equipment.

The satellites feature 1” silk dome tweeters for smooth, natural highs. The enclosed passive radiator in the center speaker delivers deep bass without distortion at high volume levels.

The system features an iPod/iPhone dock that charges your device while you listen to music or watch videos through your TV or home theater receiver. The system’s wired control pod allows you to adjust the volume and choose between music, movie or night listening modes.

Final words:

The Polk Audio PSW505 provides rich sound for movies and games without taking up too much space. The integrated subwoofer delivers deep bass response while the four satellite speakers produce clear highs. The iPod docking station makes it easy to enjoy your favorite songs right from your TV or home theater receiver!

This is the best home theater system for you, which has a unique and elegant design. It can be easily fitted into any room in your house. The sound quality of this device is just amazing and that too without any distortion.

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer (Image credit: Amazon)

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer


Speaker Type: Subwoofer | Brand name: Klipsch | Model Name: R-12SW | Special Feature: Built-in-Elevation


All-digital amplifier

Built-In Elevation technology

Powered by two side firing 12" copper spun woofers


A bit pricey but worth every cent spent on it!

The Klipsch Reference R-12SW powered subwoofer is a perfect complement to any home theater or stereo system.

This all-digital powered subwoofer features a front-firing 12" copper spun woofer for deep and accurate bass response, and provides 400 watts of dynamic power through an all-digital amplifier.

The R-12SW also features low pass crossover and phase control with line/LFE inputs for compatibility with most receivers.

The back panel of the subwoofer has controls for volume level and low pass crossover frequency. The front-mounted LED power indicator lets you know when it’s on, even from across the room!

Final words:

The Klipsch Reference R-12SW powered subwoofer features all digital amplification and a front-firing 12" copper spun woofer. The R-12SW delivers an immersive and room filling bass response that is perfect for today’s high-definition home theater systems!

The best part is you can enjoy crystal clear sound without making much effort just by connecting wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices, speakers, TV’s and more!

Now there will be no disturbance in between while enjoying every moment on your screen! The only issue with subwoofer system is that it is heavy in weight which makes difficult for you to carry around or shift from one place to other. The price of this device is also not reasonable enough but after knowing the features of Klipsch Reference R-12SW Powered Subwoofer everything will be justified!

Monoprice 108248 (Image credit: Amazon)

Monoprice 108248


Connectivity Technology: RCA | Speaker Type: Subwoofer | Brand name: Monoprice | Model Name: Monoprice 108248 | Waterproof: No

Klipsch R-12SW powered subwoofer. The Klipsch R-12SW is a 12" powered subwoofer capable of producing 60 watts (RMS) output. This subwoofer has multiple input options, which allow it to be used with any existing stereo or 5.1 (or greater) amplifier system.

It has a set of right/left Line Level inputs, as well as a set of right/left speaker level inputs for use with an existing stereo receiver or surround sound processor that does not have line-level outputs, and it also includes a mono-RCA Line Level output for daisy-chaining additional subwoofers.

The RCA line-level input features an adjustable low pass crossover, allowing you to set the cutoff frequency between 50Hz and 125Hz (adjustable down to 40 Hz). The speaker level inputs are full range, so they will accept either high or low level signals from your receiver or processor.

The front-firing 12-inch woofer is made of non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround that allows long excursion linear motion with excellent durability and reduced distortion. The aluminum cone has been treated with our exclusive Hillock Vented Pole piece which boosts midbass by over 15dB while reducing distortion across the band!

The unit also offers all-discrete class A/B amplifier topology for outstanding low noise performance and high efficiency. The R-12SW is capable of producing a peak SPL output of up to 114dB with only one watt of power!

Final Words

The Monoprice 108248 Powered Subwoofer gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to an affordable yet powerful speaker system, which will provide you crisp clear sounds throughout all ranges while watching movies or listening music.

The aluminum cone has been treated with our exclusive Hillock Vented Pole piece which boosts mid bass by over 15 dB while reducing distortion across the band!

The unit also offers an all-discrete class A/B amplifier topology for outstanding low noise performance and high efficiency. The R-12SW is capable of producing a peak SPL output of up to 114dB with only one watt of power which makes it the best wireless subwoofer.

Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra (Image credit: Amazon)

Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra


Brand name: Velodyne | Item Dimensions H×W×D: 34×33×39 cm | Driver: 10in forward-firing, and 8in piston diameter | Item Weight: 20k


Sleek design

High output power

maximum bass impact


Expensive comparatively.

The SPL-1000 Ultra is a compact, extremely powerful subwoofer that delivers a massive amount of bass from a 34cm cube. The SPL-1000 Ultra has been designed to deliver the maximum possible output from an ultra-compact enclosure.

This model also includes a microphone input with an 80 Hz high pass filter for easy installation in home cinema systems with a good frequency range.

The unit has been designed to be mounted on its side or vertically using the supplied feet which can then be hidden using Velodyne’s unique SVS Ported Stealth technology that allows you to place it against walls without compromising performance.

The front-firing driver is angled up at 30 degrees allowing you greater flexibility when positioning the subwoofer under your listening position while still maintaining optimum clarity of sound reproduction, even at close range.

Final Words

The design and construction processes used in manufacturing this product ensure a very high level of performance and long life with no risk of breakage due to excessive power handling.

The unit is capable of producing very high sound pressure levels with minimal distortion.

The price tag might be a little on the higher end but what you get in return more than makes up for it, especially if you are looking to create an audiophile-grade home theater setup.

B&W PV1D (Image credit: Amazon)



Brand name: B&W | Style name: PV1D ** Item Dimensions H×W×D:** 34 x 27 x 26 cm **|** **Driver:** 2x 200mm (8in) (Paper-Kevlar, Aluminum cone long-throw) **| Power output:** 400 Watts


Dynamic yet powerful sound quality

Great value for the price

Small and compact design

Durable and reliable.


A little expensive.

The Bowers & Wilkins PV1D is the successor to B&W’s multi-Award-winning PV1, the ‘D’ denoting a digital upgrade that lets you fine-tune the sub with a wide range of EQ options.

The PV1D’s drive units (2 x 20cm) and amplification (400W) have been tweaked too, and the result, says the company, is a sub with all the speed and agility of its predecessor plus considerable additional bass extension.

The bass is dynamic too – listening to Massive Attack on SACD was a real joy at loud levels, where shifting beats could be felt as well as heard.

In fact, this sub really has no obvious flaws: its price might put some off but that would be missing out on what remains one of the finest small-form home cinema subs money can buy. - See more at:

Final Words

It is an upgraded version of the multi-award winner PV1 subwoofer model. So there is no doubt it is worth the money if you really care for the beauty and clarity of sound.

B&W ASW610 (Image credit: Amazon)

B&W ASW610


Brand name: B&W | Style name: ASW610 Item Dimensions H×W×D: 31 x 31 x 35 cm | Driver: 10in | Output power : 200 Watts


Compact size

Powerful sound quality

Durable design

Good quality subwoofer


Little Expensive

The B&W ASW610 is a compact subwoofer, with an impressive 200w amplifier and 25cm Kevlar/paper drive unit. It delivers low frequencies with depth, drive, and authority.

The B&W ASW610 is a powerful 200w subwoofer that offers superb dynamic performance for music or home cinema use.

Its 25cm Kevlar/paper drive unit produces deep bass with speed and precision, whilst its high-power amplifier has been developed to deliver bass with high levels of control.

The B&W ASW610 is supplied complete with a remote handset for volume and crossover controls, so it can be fine-tuned to your room acoustics or personal preference.

Final Words

The compact and high quality subwoofer delivers powerful bass that makes watching movies more immersive while the dynamic performance means music sounds great too. It is also best for bass guitar because it allows you to enjoy and feel the low notes.

Buying Tips For The Best Subwoofer For Music

Let’s look into some of the important factors to consider when buying the best-suited subwoofer for your needs.

Features To Consider

Following are the important features that you should keep in mind when buying the best subwoofer for yourself:

1. Power:

Many people don’t realize how important it is to have a powerful subwoofer. The power output of the subwoofer determines the sound quality and overall volume level for all your other speakers in your car or home theater system.

A high-performance subwoofer can make up for weak woofers in satellites or tweeter subwoofer driver on your main speakers.

2. Casing:

You need to make sure that the subwoofer is well-cased to make it functional.

The casing of the woofers should be able to withstand any kind of heat, whether it comes from an external source or from inside the unit due to high power output. The material used in manufacturing should be non-toxic and fire retardant so that there are no harmful chemicals released into the air when you use this device for long periods of time. This will also ensure safety during usage.

It is important that casings are designed in such a way as they provide ample ventilation so that air can flow freely through the vent holes present on both sides of the subwoofer. This will prevent over heating problems due to high power output.

The casing should be water-proof and sturdy to avoid any kind of damage that may occur as a result of moisture or weather changes. Therefore, rubberized casings are preferable for this particular device which is used in areas where there are extreme temperature variations throughout the year.

3. Frequency Response:

The frequency response of a subwoofer is a measure of how well it performs at lower frequencies. The range of human hearing spans 5 – 20,000 Hz , and a bass sound can be as low as 50 – 100 Hz .

Therefore any speaker designed to reproduce bass must have a frequency response between those two numbers (typically quoted as 50 – 200 Hz). Because the range for this entire portion of human hearing is so broad (over three octaves), it is difficult for manufacturers to design an equally good speaker across such a wide range.

However, with a good subwoofer, you can ensure to hear the desired low frequency as well.

4. Maximum SPL:

Subwoofers are speakers that are designed to produce very low frequencies. The SPL of a subwoofer is measured in Decibels (dB).

The higher the dB, the louder and more powerful the sound produced by the speaker. A common misconception is that if you want to get loud bass from your home theatre system, then you need a large space.

That’s not true! If you have any size room at all with an open floor plan and sealed walls or windows, then it’s possible to achieve deep bass without cluttering up your living space.

Types of Subwoofers

Let’s briefly elaborate on the different types of subwoofers. There are two different types of subwoofers in general:

1. Powered Subwoofers:

An active subwoofer is also known as a powered subwoofer. This is a self-contained quality subwoofer with line-level inputs and outputs, an amplifier, and a volume control panel (physical controls) for higher bass output.

This type of subs is best for higher listening experience and therefore, these powered subwoofers are considered as best subwoofers for music.

2. Passive Subwoofers:

A passive subwoofer, like a loudspeaker, is linked to an external amplifier. The subs use power to reduce low-frequency noises and produce accurate sound.

As a result, the receiver/amplifier must have the necessary power to properly sustain the bass generated by the subwoofer. Otherwise, your receiver/amplifier’s energy supply will be depleted.

3. Frint-Firig subwoofers:

Front-firing subwoofers also called firing forwards or forward-firing speakers, are loudspeakers that put the woofer at the front of the speaker. The tweeter is usually mounted on the faceplate of a conventional box speaker with its axis tilted upwards so as to fire towards and over the listener’s head. This arrangement directs sound waves in a narrow beam in an upward direction, which means it can be pointed at one listener without being too loud for others nearby.

4. Down-Firing subwoofers:

Down-firing subwoofers are a type of speaker that is designed to sit on the ground. Unlike front- or rear-firing speakers, down-firing speakers must be placed on the floor (or another horizontal surface).

Down-firing systems work best in smaller rooms because they send sound waves directly towards the listener’s ears. This means that there is less room for sound to escape and reverberate around the room which can cause distortion. In larger rooms, this design will often result in a lack of bass energy at listening positions near walls.

5. Sealed Subwoofer:

The sealed subwoofer is a type of loudspeaker that uses an airtight enclosure to increase the speaker’s efficiency, and reduce its sensitivity to bass frequencies.

As opposed to other speakers which are usually open-backed or ported, this design prevents sound waves from escaping into the room. This makes them ideal for use in small rooms with low ceilings, where they won’t cause any additional noise pollution.

The sealed subwoofer can be mounted on a wall or placed on the floor near a corner of the room as well. Increased efficiency and accurate base reproduction are the important benefits of this type of subwoofer.

6. Ported Subwoofers:

A ported subwoofer is a speaker that has an opening in the back of it, typically with a tube which leads to another area. This type of speaker is often used for bass instruments and other low-frequency sounds. The port improves the quality of sound by improving airflow and reducing turbulence inside the box.

Furthermore, wired subwoofers and wireless subwoofer are also as great as other great subwoofer. In contrast, for loud, powerful, and rumbling bass, ported enclosures need less amp power.


The top-rated products in our list are carefully selected based on many factors including price vs value ratio, customer reviews, brand reputation etc.

All these above best home theater subwoofers will provide you an excellent experience when listening to audio whether at home or office. The top-rated products are the best subwoofers for music based on their performance, sound quality and value.

We hope that our recommended list will be helpful to you in making a decision while selecting one of the top-rated home theater subs from many available online or offline stores! Good luck with your purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good subwoofer for music?

The cheapest subwoofer on the market is the AmazonBasics 6-inch 2-Way Coaxial Speaker that costs $37, which has outstanding reviews online. This Amazon product also holds up against more expensive brands like JBL and Sony like it’s no problemo.
If you’re looking for something more high end, then your best option is to go with either SVS or B&W since they make some of the most powerful subwoofers in existence today.
Just make sure that whatever you pick has at least 100 watts of power or higher if it’s not your main source for music playback.

How do I choose a subwoofer for my music?

The best subwoofer for music is the one that fits your budget and can deliver the performance you want. There really isn’t a perfect solution because every budget and every goal comes with different needs.
For example, if you’re on a tight budget but want great deep bass extension at any cost, then you should probably get two or three smaller subs instead of spending two or three times as much money.
However, if you’re looking at getting excellent sound quality without breaking your pocketbook (and don’t need any crazy SPL numbers), then we suggest saving up some dough and getting something subjective like an Energy Veritas 4S or a Rythmik G2E-15HX-R (options only limited by budget).

What is the best home subwoofer for sound quality?

The Polk Audio PSW505 is a top rated choice since it offers a nice blend of performance and affordability. It offers 500 watts of clean power, plus impressive bass performance you can feel from up to 25 feet away. It’s also well-constructed with durable steel corner guards and lightweight Injection Molded 5-Piece Curve Poles—ideal for mounting on walls.

Is music better with a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a vital component for optimal sound quality. It vibrates with the low-frequency parts of music, adding a lot of power and clarity to the sound experience.
Bass frequencies are at their most complex when played through a subwoofer because it’s hard for small speakers to transmit those frequencies as well as they do at more ordinary mid and high frequencies.
A subwoofer will make any song more dynamic and engaging—especially if you’re using it on your home stereo system, computer speakers, or notebook computer’s tiny speaker (which isn’t even designed for such deep sounds).

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